About the band

Billy Nomates was formed by Tristan Lambeth in the summer of 1996. They went through a variety of names, including ‘Mohican Wu Wu’, ‘The E Numbers’ and ‘The Handbags’.

The band play a variety of music from old traditional rock songs through punk to modern day. Whilst writing their own material they take time to ensure that the songs they cover lose none of the vitality of the originals. With various personnel changes during the  years, the long time line up was Tristan on vocals and rhythm guitar, Lesley-Ann New on drums, Darren Wingate on lead guitar, Steve Bradford on bass and Sarah Cooper on keyboards and backing vocals.

This changed when Steve left to join local blues based band ‘Alive on Arrival’ and Darren and Sarah left to spend more time with their families. Nigel Godden, who also played with Horsham based band ‘Kodie’, joined on bass and Bob Farrell who played in various European bands, joined on lead guitar.

November 2000 saw Lesley Ann leave and be replaced by Carl Brooker who gave the band a much heavier sound.

After a slight lull the band resurfaced in 2002 with Darren back on lead guitar, John Hiles from ‘Alive on Arrival’ on drums and Alan Wise from various Guildford based bands such as ‘The Revivals’, and ‘The Flying Tigers’ on bass. In August 2004 the band flew to Boston in the U.S. to undertake a ten day American tour.

In September 2009  the band, in their current line up, did their 300th gig together.

Bob and Tristan continue to write songs together as Nomates 5. The last few years have seen Billy do more weddings and parties than ever before, whilst still managing to capture the essence of being a pub rock band whenever possible.

JUNE 2012 Saw the bands 16th Anniversary, plus the bands 10th year together.

Then,at the end of 2014, after a short break, the band re-formed with Bob Farrell replacing Alan Wise on Bass, and this has remained the line up to the current day.


Billy Nomates

The eponymous song “Billy Nomates”, a song written by Tristan, featured in the Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham-Carter film ‘The Theory of Flight’.


Tristan and Bob Farrell, Nomates’s ex-guitarist’, continue to write and produce songs.

Mystics’, a film set in Ireland. was released in the Spring of 2003, and included “Billy Nomates” and another song called “Dallas” written about an American girlfriend of Tristans.

A song, “Sold As Seen” featured in the Linda La Plante detective series ‘The Commander’.

The TV series, ‘William and Mary’, with Martin Clunes, was another TV play which featured some of their music, this time a song called “Green Side Up”.

Another film, aired in September 2005  called ‘Floating’ again featured “Green Side Up”.

In June 2013, Bob and Tristan,now writing under the name Nomates5, have another song, “Traitors Gate”, in the latest Robert Redford film, “The Company You Keep” with Nomates5 getting another written credit.